Cyprus is as an attractive place for residence and employment. It’s small size and geographical position, combined with low crime and low tax on income, its’ cosmopolitan city style and international business establishments, combined with unique nature, a Mediterranean Sea and bright sun that shines over 300 days per year, makes Cyprus a popular destination.
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  • Member of the European union and euro zone;
  • Beautiful coastlines;
  • Crystal clear waters and clean sandy beaches;
  • Amazing weather with more than 300 days of sunshine;
  • Excellent food quality;
  • High standard prime education;
  • Genuine hospitality;
  • High quality of life and most safe living environment;
  • First class health care;
  • Convenient airline connections and good telecoms;
  • Low tax and financial freedom;
  • Business expansion opportunities.
F.M.B VIP Immigration Services
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  • Applications for Cyprus;
  • Citizenship forms: M125, M127;
  • Assistance in obtaining Cyprus European Citizenship
  • Permanent Residence Permit (For Life);
  • Temporary Residency Permit (Pink Slip);
  • PIO-Translations;
  • Business consulting;
  • Legal Services;
  • Governmental documents.
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Cyprus offers various types of residency and two ways of gaining citizenship, of which the criteria compared to most European countries is very simple and straight forward. With the recent global economic issues, Cypriot Government has recently lowered the criteria even further, so there really couldn’t be a better time to make the move and become a resident of Cyprus either as a temporary resident or Permanent Residency for life or a full-fledged citizen.

We at F.M.B VIP IMMIGRATION SERVICES LTD are here to make it even easier. We have a dedicated immigration department to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We will deal for the most part with all the governmental meetings and paperwork asking you to attend only when essential. Our aim is to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. We also have a legal team to help with any matters that may arise before, during and even after your transition to becoming a resident here on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

We make it easy for you!

At F.M.B VIP IMMIGRATION SERVICES LTD our team of Cyprus immigration services consultants is dedicated to make immigration to Cyprus easy for you. We aim to provide you with step-by-step instructions and guidance which will lead you through the process, while at the same time you avoid any application errors which inevitably cause substantial delays./p>

We can represent and guide you all the way through the Residency Permits as well as on Cyprus Citizenship . Please let us know if you are interested for: