Cyprus Driving Licence

How to apply for a Cyprus provisional
(or learner’s) driving licence?
Our team can assist you with all the process

Some foreign-issued driving licences are valid in Cyprus (provided certain requirements are met) and some are valid for a limited period. Some may be exchanged for an equivalent Cypriot licence.

A full Cyprus licence is valid throughout the EU and for travel in most other countries. Cypriot licences have the standard EU vehicle categories. Only people who have been resident in Cyprus for at least six months may apply for a Cyprus driving licence.

Drivers and riders with licences issued by other countries, for example , must meet Cypriot age restrictions in order for their licence to be valid in Cyprus.

Age Restrictions and Vehicle Types:

The age restrictions for the most common vehicle types are below:

  • AM (mopeds): 17 years;
  • A1 (small motorcycles): 18 years (learner licence at 17.5)
    Learner riders do not have to be accompanied by a full licence holder. Learner licence holders aged 17.5: a rider in this class cannot take the riding test until they are 18 years of age and have held a licence for 21 days or more;
  • A2 (medium motorcycles): 20, if an A1 license has been held for 2 years;
  • A (motorcycles): 24, or 22 if an A2 licence has been held for 2 years;
  • B (cars): 18 (learner licence at 17.5);
  • B+E (cars with trailers): 18 (learner licence at 17.5).
    Learner license holders aged 17.5 must be accompanied by an experienced driver aged 30 and upwards who has held a full driving license for the class of vehicle for no less than five years. OR An Authorized Driving Instructor A driver in this class cannot take the driving test until they are 18 years of age and have held a license for 21 days or more.
    Learner license holders aged 18 or over must be accompanied by a person aged at least 25 with a minimum five years driving experience. Or An Authorized Driving Instructor.

*Seven hours of relevant motorcycle training must be completed before an A1 or A2 license is issued. This is in addition to the practical test.

*Learner license holders must display E Plates on the front and rear of the vehicle. This replaces the old L-plate Provisional / learner / student license holders are not permitted to drive on the highway unless they are accompanied by a Cyprus Authorized Driving Instructor or taking part in a driving test.

Getting a Cyprus Driving Licence:

To obtain a license to enable you to learn to drive, application has to be made in at the Department of Transport with the documents shown below.

You have to pass eyesight and theory tests before a provisional driving license will be issued. You may be able to take this test immediately. The test is verbal, in Greek or English, on traffic signs and the Highway Code.

  1. Passing a verbal/oral exam to obtain a provisional/learner’s driving licence.
  2. At least 31 days later, passing a theory test and a practical test.

​Only people who have lived in Cyprus as residents for at least six months may apply for a Cypriot Driving Licence.

Documents Required to Obtain a Cyprus Licence:

The following documents are required :

  • A completed TOM 7B application form available at the DoRT (in Greek), which will fill for you;
  • Two recent passport photographs;
  • Residence permit;
  • Proof of at least six months of residence (such as utility bills);
  • Passport (original and a photocopy of the personal details page);
  • The original licence and two photocopies of all pages (the licence will have to be surrendered);
  • The appropriate governmental fee.