Company & Trust Formation

Company formation

F.M.B. VIP Immigration focuses on all services related to local and international company registration . Our aim is to assist our clients in getting their companies incorporated within the quickest possible time frame, in the most professional way. We provide the highest quality of service, at the most reasonable costs.

Setting up and managing a company can be a challenging prospect. You will need a partner who understands the steps you need to take and has the insights to truly put your needs first. That’s where we come in. We offer you peace of mind so you can focus on your core business.

F.M.B. VIP Immigration is a trustworthy leading corporate partner which thoroughly understands the need for fast and high-quality services such as company and partnership formation, re-structuring, liquidation etc. on a global scale. Our professionals provide in depth reviews of the proposed structures, advice where necessary as to optimize the clients’ interests whilst complying with the relevant legal framework and best corporate practice .

Our services range from the initial steps of the incorporation of an entity, to its day to day management and administration up to its liquidation and/or dissolution.

Trust Formation

Trusts are a significant Wealth Management tool in accomplishing tax-efficient solutions for gifting, wealth preservation, transfer and much more. From asset transfer to family trusts, our experienced team will help you supply financial security for your spouse or future generations and implement personalized wealth transfer strategies.

Through professional investment services we provide the expertise to structure and manage the trust in Cyprus , protecting the real value of your assets during your lifetime. In addition, our team recognizes the hard work our clients have done to build and/or sustain their wealth throughout their lifetime as well as of the complexities involved in preserving what they have created and in potentially passing on to the future generations.

F.M.B. VIP Immigration team of highly experienced professionals can advise you on establishing an International Trust, tailored to your specific business and personal needs.