Banking Sector

Opening of Bank Accounts

F.M.B. consultants are able to provide valuable, confidential and comprehensive consultancy to clients for establish Corporate or Personal Bank Accounts in Cyprus.

F.M.B. VIP Immigration acts as a licensed introducer between the client and the bank, which makes the process of opening a Bank Account faster and easier. We undertake the opening of Bank Account with the bank of your choice. Such Bank Account can have all operations available including: online banking, VISA card, MasterCard etc.

Our practice manages the full range of corporate services, including: 

  • Opening of the personal and corporate bank account on behalf of clients in Cyprus and other jurisdictions;
  • Provision of bank signatories;
  • Processing and execution of client authorized payments;
  • Electronic notification that payment has been executed;
  • Handling applications for new services for clients i.e. internet banking, credit / debit cards;

Placing of available funds on notice and fixed deposits .